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Domestic Courier and Cargo Services in India | Domestic Cargo Services in Delhi

What we do in Domestic?

We at KM Cargo and Courier services provide top-tier premier domestic logistics services to our entire customers pan India. We offer delivery services by- road, train, and by air. Our main motive is to ship the cargo and deliver it prudently within the time scale. We handle our consignment with the utmost care and our transporters remain vigilant at all times. We are always on time no matter the distance. So, you needn't worry about the epoch as we’ve got you all covered!

Our stats indicate that we hold a lucrative track record of 99% on-schedule deliveries by the “Super Air Express Plus” and booming over 90% on-time deliveries by “Surface Express Plus”. We keep working towards achieving our maximum productivity. We value our customers’ preferences and we strive to satisfy their needs consistently. We provide unique services like Anywhere Pick up where our customers determine and fix the pickup location of the cargo/parcel. We collect the cargo from the provided location and deliver it promptly. Customers can avail this exclusive service by either contacting our office or by making an online booking. If you choose the latter option, we require elemental information like name of the sender and receiver, address, the weight of the shipment, type of packing, description of the goods (e.g., Machinery part, Clothes etc. if it is fragile or if it requires any additional care also can be mentioned), size of the shipment, and contact number.

You can visit the following link to access online pickup request page for pick up from anywhere

Customers can easily track their packages through our online website portal i.e. at any time of the day. Our cargo services are fast, we consistently deliver messages to clients related to their packages delivery through SMS or emails since from their booking time.

Moreover, you can easily get packages to your doorsteps through our courier services without any delay. We have established a remarkable place in the market internationally for both inbound and outbound delivery of packages to your destination within no time. We make every effort possible from our side to make the deportation of the freight as transparent as possible. This is because we understand that transparency is the key to success when it comes to companies that have a strong provider-customer interface. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the trust we build with our customers. Hence, we work tirelessly to acquire our customers’ trust in all ways possible from collecting the cargo to delivering it cautiously to the desired location.

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